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[Oct- Nov Workshop Schedule]
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We offer the below workshop in English:
Cold Process Beginner Workshop (Suitable for age 15 or above):
This is an introductory class for Cold Process Soap making. We will be making in traditional, artisan way with using pure plant oils, essential oils, clays, herbs, and mineral colorants.We will be also teaching all the basic steps of cold process soap making, from weighing and measuring to colouring, scenting, bringing to trace, and using molds.

Workshop will include:-
Introduction of cold process soaps
Introduction of tools
Explanation on ingredients
2 soap formulations, the refreshing Coconut Dish Wash Soap, and a soap type shown below

Workshop time can be scheduled by appointment.
Please Whatsapp 5660-1770 or call 2677-8173.
Notes, materials, tools, safety precautions, soap mesh bag and pH testing tools are already included
Christmas Soap
Hiding Cat Soap
Black Sugar Ginger Soap
Calendula Baby Soap
Olive Marble Soap