[Sep 2021 Workshop Schedule]

[Sep- Oct 2021 Workshop Schedule]

Calendula Milk SoapCold Processed Soap

**Will be made with Calendula Oil which can effectively relieve red and blemished skin, and milk to enhance nourishment which is good for delicate skin.

$480 per person, there will be 500g of soap to bring home per person

Sep 17 (Fri) 12-1:30pm

Sep 18 (Sat) 12-1:30pm

Cupcake Piping SoapCold Processed Soap

**Cupcakes always look sweet and tempting cup cakes, why not try shaping it with soap this time? You can make it in different colors as you wish and to learn about the right consistency in order to successfully pipe it out . The shelf life of this soap is a year, you can use it as a décor, a gift to friend, and of course, a body and hand washer! The soap curing period is 6 weeks** Maximum 4 people per class.

$760 per person, there will be about 5 of 120-140g of cupcake soaps to bring home per person.

October 2 (Sat) 1- 3:30PM

October 15 (Fri) 1-3:30PM

Warm Brown Sugar Ginger SoapCold Processed Soap

**Using warm ginger oil, it helps to remove the chills inside body; also adding brown sugar to further hydrates your skin. *

$520 per person, there will be about 500g soaps to bring home per person.

October 1 (Fri) 12-1:30pm

October 16 (Sat) 12-1:30pm

Japanese Pure Horse Oil Soap- Body Soap 500G and Hair Soap 500GCold Processed Soap

$890 per person, there will be 1000g of soap to bring home per person

Sep 23 (Thu) 12-3:30pm

Sep 24 (Fri) 12-3:30pm

To sign up for workshop, please Whatsapp 5660-1770 or call 2677-8173

-The workshop can be conducted in Cantonese, English or Mandarin. It depends on the class size and situation.

-Existing students and joining in a group of 2, will entitle a 5% discount (two discounts cannot be used at the same time)

-We also offer private workshop with minimum group of 4

-Please call or Whatsapp/ Signal 5660-1770 for any inquiries

-Notes, materials, operating tools, protective measures, and pH testing tools (if needed) are already included.