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Gromwell Antibacterial Soap and Gromwell Balm Making Workshop

Studies have shown it is the most effective to extract gromwell active ingredients through oil extraction due to high purity and high stability. Gromwell extract has the effects of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-dull skin effects and promoting the regeneration of dermal tissue with the below two active ingredients:- Shiconix in gromwell extract has analgesic, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.- Allantoin, can be found in gromwell root extract is a skin-friendly moisturizing ingredient, which can improve cracked skin, improve skin hydration, and has anti-allergic function.

We are going to use comfrey oil infused for more than a year to make two products. It is suitable for eczema, sensitive or dry skin.

Workshop timeslot (please choose one of the following workshops):

April 7 (Fri) 12-2PM

April 15 (Sat) 12-2PM

The finished products are Gromwell Antibacterial Soap 300g and Gromwell Cream 50g

The workshop is mainly taught in Cantonese, and can be assisted in English or Mandarin$520 per person. 10% off for joining in a group of two or our current membersFor sign-up / inquiry, please whatsapp 5660 1770 or call 2677-8173