[Oct-Nov 2021 Workshop Schedule]

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Body Moisturizers Workshop
We will learn how to use three different emulsifying waxes to create body moisturizers with different thicknesses. With using at least of 90% of natural/ natural derived materials, we will be making Body Lotion, Body Cream and Body Butter and also how these moisturizers serve different skin types and problems. Products to be made:
1) Hemp seed anti-inflammatory body lotion
2) Vitamin E body and foot cream
3) Shea Butter Body Cream
$680 per person, 100g each of the above products to take home
October 27 (Wed) 7-9PM
November 6 (Sat) 12-2PM

Oatmeal Milk Honey soap (Cold Processed Soap)
*Christmas molds are available for students to use in this workshop, please notify in advance if needed
The fatty acids in oatmeal itself helps to increase the skin protection barrier and to block external irritants or allergens. Honey also has very well anti-inflammatory and skin repairing effects, like wounds and scars.
$520 per person, 500g soap per person
October 30 (Sat) 12-1:30PM
November 20 (Sat) 12-1:30PM

Cup Cake Piping soap (Cold Processed Soap)
*Cupcakes always look sweet and tempting cup cakes, why not try shaping it with soap this time? You can make it in different colors as you wish and to learn about the right consistency in order to successfully pipe it out . The shelf life of this soap is a year, you can use it as a décor, a gift to friend, and of course, a body and hand washer!
$760 per person, there will be about 5 of 120-140g of cupcake soaps to bring home per person.
October 16 (Sat) 3-6:30PM
November 13 (Sat) 1-3:30PM

Christmas Soap Bar (Cold Processed Soap)

$520 per person, 500g soap per person
November 27 (Sat) 12-1:30PM

Christmas Tree Ginger Bread & Snowflakes Soap (Cold Processed Soap)
$520 per person, 500g soap per person
November 27 (Sat) 3:30-5PM

Hair Care Workshop-Part 1
We will introduce some common haircare ingredients and then learn to make plant-based shampoos and conditioners. 
Products to be made:
1) Volumizing and Silky Shampoo
2) Tea Seed Oil conditioner
$580 per person, 100g each of the above products to take home
November 23 (Tue) 7-8:30PM

To sign up for workshop, please Whatsapp 5660-1770 or call 2677-8173
-The workshop can be conducted in Cantonese, English or Mandarin. It depends on the class size and situation.
-Existing students and joining in a group of 2, will entitle a 5% discount (two discounts cannot be used at the same time)
-We also offer private workshop with minimum group of 2-3 
-Please call or Whatsapp/ Signal 5660-1770 for any inquiries
-Notes, materials, operating tools, protective measures, and pH testing tools (if needed) are already included.