Except for keeping our hands clean, disinfecting our belongings is also important to keep the virus away!☺️ Ethanol is proven to be an effective disinfectant for Covid 19, incorporated with some powerful essential oils like Thyme, Tea tree and Ravensara, here we teach you how to make use of them to make your own disinfectant spray. It is easy to make😉, and a very good at-the-door spray that you can spray your outfit, shoes, phone etc.

99% 乙醇 - 100ml

蒸餾水 - 35ml

百里香精油 - 7至10滴

茶樹精油 - 7至10滴

羅文莎葉精油 - 7至10滴

1. 加入100ml乙醇

2. 加入蒸餾水並攪拌


3. 加入三種精油並攪拌

4. 把容器倒入瓶中,就完成啦~

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