DIY抗敏精華凝膠( with Gel Maker)

今次教大家用一款新既乳化劑- 水凝乳化劑,只需加入蒸餾水/ 純露和適合既材料,就可以造到精華凝膠啦~質地輕薄,一年四季都用到~

This video teaches you how to make your own serum in a simple way with our new arrived emulsifier- Gel Maker. With Gel Maker, you do not need many different ingredients. Only with water/ hydrolat, and additional 1-2 ingredients, you can already make a hydrating and easy absorbing scrum!


準備材料 Prepare Materials:

水凝乳化劑 Gel Maker  2g

蒸餾水 Water 91g

奈米銀抗菌劑 Silver Nanoparticles Antibacterial Agents  10滴 10 drops

1.3 丙二醇 1.3 Propylene Glycol  2g

甘油 Glycerin  2g

洋甘菊萃取液 Chamomile Liquid Extract  40滴 40 drops

人蔘萃取液 Ginseng Extract  40滴 40 drops